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Rent vehicles in a secure and trusted manner

Fleet Sharing @ Thumbeo Corporate aims to enrich Ubiwhere’s Thumbeo Corporate solution with a fleet sharing feature and leverage the creation of a marketplace for car-sharing between distinct companies. 

The innovative functionality of fleet sharing will tackle the challenges of companies with a large fleet that, especially in periods of lower productivity, often remains unused, presenting no operating profit. It will do this by offering them the possibility to rent these vehicles in a secure and trusted manner to other companies lacking these resources and aiming to expand their business. 


Thumbeo Corporate is a smart solution that digitalises a company’s fleet management and enables a car-sharing system for employees of the same company. 

The new and improved version of the solution will offer companies the same internal fleet management features while opening doors to a new way of optimising costs and resources. It will collect data from drivers and vehicles to lower fleet management costs and create a shared mobility network that rewards drivers and riders for their savings and environmentally friendly behaviour.


Blockchain-based Smart Contracts

Leveraging emerging blockchain technologies to provide decentralized and autorun contracts, ensuring maximum transparency and trust to all parties involved.


Artificial Intelligence algorithms

Using AI methods to create Digital Twins of the vehicles and to perform intelligent analysis of travel patterns, driving behaviours and vehicle data to assure the owner company that its shared fleet is well taken care of and to provide the ability to perform predictive maintenance.


Novel hardware component

Data collection and processing based on the OBDII/EOBD (European On-Board Diagnostic) protocol in an efficient, secure and decentralized way. Support fleet managers’ tasks while ensuring trust to the owner company by drawing a profile on the driver and alerting them on potential issues with the vehicle.

thumbeo corporate:
the platform

A custom and adaptable solution for managers and employees.

Managers can monitor their fleet holistically while enabling employees to optimise their travels and route planning, through internal car-sharing opportunities, and incentivising a cost-saving and environmentally friendly behaviour.


Optimise fleet operating time and costs

Managers will constantly receive updates on each vehicle’s conditions (fuel consumption, travel and maintenance costs, usage patterns) and predictive maintenance alerts.

Awareness of the employees’ real mobility needs

Managers become capable of identifying the ideal dimension of the corporate fleet and manage the vehicle’s availability according to the employees’ needs.

Minimise vehicle ownership and depreciation costs

Companies will have the possibility of acquiring vehicles on-demand without the high risk and investment of purchase or long-term leasing.

Greener and more efficient cities

Optimising each company’s fleet and fostering the adoption of car-sharing systems will contribute to less traffic on the roads and lower carbon emissions.

Make the most of unused vehicles

Companies can monetise unused vehicles (otherwise presenting no operating profit) by renting it through a trustful system.


The project aims to deploy the final and improved solution in the north and centre area of Portugal, leveraging the location of Ubiwhere’s offices (Coimbra and Aveiro) and PROEF – Ubiwhere’s partner – headquarters (Trofa) to support innovation among these and other national companies and create an opportunity of economic value aligned with the regional strategy.

Thumbeo Corporate validation in PROEF’s headquarters has allowed the company to identify logistic problems and obsolete costs inherent to its large fleet and their employees’ travel needs and optimise the vehicle’s management accordingly. 

The company will validate the novel fleet sharing functionality by renting part of their fleet to small companies on the tourism and catering industry, in periods with a higher flow of tourists in Portugal.


Founded in 2007, Ubiwhere is a Portuguese high-tech SME developing innovative, user-centred software solutions for Smart Cities, Telecommunications and Future Internet. To promote a more sustainable and efficient world and better lives, Ubiwhere creates solutions to address the challenges brought by technological innovation and future networks and to improve urban services related to Mobility, Energy, Waste and Tourism in cities.

PROEF Group is a multinational company developing solutions for the telecommunications, energy, smart cities and corporate sectors. Since 2017, Ubiwhere and PROEF constitute a solid and long-lasting alliance, and together, they have become capable of giving response to the market emerging challenges, highly focused on creating new solutions and boosting new business models.

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